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About Us


Proudly based in Half Moon Bay, CA. we're Team Misaki Studios, bringing you convention coverage through various medium. These include photographs, writing reports, & videos. Team Misaki was founded originally as a small Anime Music Videos group in 2004 attempting to create AMV's for your entertainment. However the attempt was not well received as we attempted. Therefore we looked at another medium to invest time for this group. The discovery of anime conventions was brought to our table. We looked at photography coverage of conventions to present to fans from across the world to view our photographs and perhaps one day make their attempt to visit these conventions.

FanimeCon 2006 was our official first coverage and was a success. We've launched our first coverage and posted via Over the course of time our website was finally launched in 2008. We were able to utilize our website to post coverage photos and begin writing reports. Our website was slowly growing month by month bringing in more coverage each year from every new convention being added to our schedule.

Today we are now utilizing every possible medium to bring our coverage to you the fans. With our Facebook & YouTube pages now active, we hope our coverage will bring you the highest quality you can ask for. Our video coverage will be presented with inspiration by our friends at Scarlet Rhapsody whom were one of the originators of video coverage in early in the year 2000 presenting video coverage in a music video format.

Aside from traveling to conventions our primary photographer also travels to various San Francisco Bay Area sporting events and has been happy to share his work with us. Our Sports Coverage changes from game to game. We do not cover all games for each team we cover. In the event of a sporting event coverage, they'll be seen in our Sports section of our website. We cover the San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, and the San Jose Sharks. We'll also from time to time post special sporting events that may come around from time to time.


Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Oversees the entire Team Misaki Studios group. Mina checks every aspect of Team Misaki looking for improvements for our fans. She is always willing to ask what fans would like to see.

Mina's favorite anime is Ai Yori Aoshi.

Mina's favorite video game is The Secret of Mana.

Website Admin

Oversees the Team Misaki Studios website. All updates are made with Leslie from on the website and has been always looking for more ways to make the website user friendly and mobile friendly.

Leslie's favorite anime is Ramna 1/2.

Leslie's favorite video game is Suikoden 2.

Field Reporter

Is the photographer, videographer, & writer for Team Misaki Studios. He travels on behalf of Team Misaki taking your photographs and posting them here on our website.

Bart's favorite anime is Tenchi Muyo.

Bart's favorite video game is Final Fantasy IX.

Media Content Specialist

When our photographs and videos need to be backed up, Yu takes care of that job. She has saved our content on many external hard drives so we may never lose any data.

Yu's favorite anime is Lupin the 3rd.

Yu's favorite video game is Final Fantasy XIII.

Video Producer

Checks all videos before sending them to our YouTube channel. Tetsuya performs quality and clarity control to make sure the video is given the highest quality prior to their release online.

Tetsuya's favorite anime is Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Tetsuya's favorite video game is Metal Gear Solid 2.

On-Site Convention Scheduler

Provides information to our Field Reporters about events to cover during a convention. Includes panels, concerts, guest of honor interviews & so forth.

Jacob's favorite anime is Evangelion.

Jacob's favorite video game is Halo.


Edits reports given by our Field Reporters. Angela is our newest member of Team Misaki Studios and will be a great asset for the readers whom will be reading all of our reports.

Angela's favorite anime is The Vision of Escaflowne.

Angela's favorite video game is Final Fantasy IX.

Thanks for reading!

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